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Franz Welz Basket Vases
The Welz Basket Vase is another one of those most recognized Pieces by shape and decor produced by Welz.  The Basket Vase by Welz will more than not, have the black applied rim and ruffled shape...although they also produced the sleek rim.  This piece comes in many different shape styles and decors. 
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Basket vases from my collection
Purple Stripes and Spots 
Green Stripes and Spots with Aventurine
Blue Stripes and Spots
Red Stripes and Spots
Pink Vertical Stripes
Zig Zag
Pink Stripes and Spots
iridescent Swirl
Chartreuse Variegated
Red Honey Comb
HUGE Stripes and Spots 13" tall
Group Photos
Basket Vases Various Pictures